Phe­lan’s the daddy?

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The builder thinks new­comer Ni­cola is his daugh­ter…

The prospect of Seb’s key worker, Ni­cola, and dodgy builder,

Pat Phe­lan, com­ing from the same gene pool seems pretty un­likely. She’s kind, car­ing and looks like a model, while he’s a con­man, pos­si­ble killer and… well, he’s got a cer­tain rugged qual­ity, but Gior­gio Ar­mani’s not go­ing to sign him up any time soon, is he? De­spite the pair’s dif­fer­ences, how­ever, Phe­lan is con­vinced that the new­comer is his daugh­ter – as he re­veals to her and Eileen.

It’s ob­vi­ous that some­thing’s prey­ing on Phe­lan’s mind, be­cause he’s act­ing shifty from the get-go. Suited and booted, he tells Eileen he’s meet­ing a po­ten­tial client, but goes with Ni­cola and Seb to an ex-of­fender’s talk in Liver­pool. So when Eileen catches him get­ting into Ni­cola’s mo­tor, she be­gins to sus­pect he’s play­ing away.

In Liver­pool, Phe­lan presses Ni­cola for in­for­ma­tion on her par­ents. ‘She has no idea this man could be her fa­ther, but she thinks some­thing’s not quite right,’ says ac­tress Ni­cola Thorp.

Back on the cob­bles, when Ni­cola over­hears Phe­lan thank­ing a mate for sup­ply­ing in­for­ma­tion on her, she de­mands an ex­pla­na­tion. A flus­tered

Phe­lan tells her he thinks he knows her mum and dad, prompt­ing Ni­cola to later tell him she has ar­ranged a meet­ing be­tween him and her fa­ther at the park. But the brunette has played him – as Phe­lan re­alises when he sits on a bench and sees that it’s ac­tu­ally a me­mo­rial to her par­ents, who are both dead.

In Phe­lan’s ab­sence, Ni­cola ri­fles through his stuff at the builder’s yard. She’s hor­ri­fied to find a copy of her driv­ing li­cence, and con­fronts him on his re­turn. As Eileen walks in, con­vinced the pair are do­ing the do, Phe­lan si­lences them both by con­fess­ing he thinks he’s Ni­cola’s bi­o­log­i­cal dad. How will the women re­act?

Eileen’s sus­pi­cious when she spots

Phe­lan get­ting into Ni­cola’s car

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