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As Eva fi­nally finds out about Ai­dan’s af­fair with Maria, she drops a bomb­shell on her cheat­ing boyfriend…

It’s game over for Ai­dan when Eva dis­cov­ers that her boyfriend’s been at it with Maria. How does she un­cover the truth? Well, you’ll just have to wait and see, be­cause the folk at Weather­field HQ are re­fus­ing to spill the beans. Spoil­sports.

What we can tell you, though, is the chain of events that leads up to Eva’s big dis­cov­ery. It all starts with Ai­dan de­stroy­ing the mo­bile phone he gave to Maria, as a ges­ture that their days of sneak­ing around will soon be over. He then takes her back to his flat for some nooky – but not be­fore cre­at­ing a bit of am­bi­ence first by hook­ing his tablet up to the TV to play some mu­sic. What do you reckon – Part Time Lover by Stevie Won­der?

The pair think they’ve got all the time in the world, what with Eva be­ing in France. But as Ai­dan gets down to busi­ness, he fails to spot a text mes­sage from his girl­friend, say­ing she’s com­ing home early. Yep, that old chest­nut.

As Eva bumps into Leanne, she con­fides in her sis­ter that she might be preg­nant. Back at the flat, Ai­dan fi­nally sees the text and, re­al­is­ing he’s at risk of be­ing rum­bled, forces a semi-clad Maria to hide…

Be­fore you know it, Eva’s feel­ing sick to the stom­ach as she re­alises that her hand­some fi­ancé is an­other pig­gin’ love rat – and ’er ‘mate’ is no mate at all.

‘She’s an­gry and up­set with the both of them,’ says ac­tress Cather­ine Tyldes­ley. ‘Eva has men­tioned in the past about the “girl rule” of not go­ing with some­one else’s boyfriend or exboyfriend, so the fact that Maria has done this is a mas­sive no-no.’

Eva storms off to con­front the crimper, but bot­tles out of it when she sees that Maria is with her young son, Liam.

Mean­while, she ner­vously takes a preg­nancy test and leaves it to Leanne to tell her the re­sult. Her sis­ter re­veals that it’s neg­a­tive – but when Eva checks it for her­self, it says pos­i­tive. Con­fused, she takes an­other test, to be sure.

As Ai­dan – un­aware that his se­cret is out – sits Eva down, fi­nally ready to dump her, she an­nounces that she’s preg­nant. Will he stick to his guns and leave her for Maria, or stay put and play happy fam­i­lies?

She’s an­gry and up­set with the both of them

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Ai­dan has to de­cide if he wants to be with Eva or Maria…

The love rat is about to be caught in a trap over Maria

Eva’s gut­ted to learn about Ai­dan’s fling

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