Who’s stalk­ing Rhona?

The vet’s ter­ri­fied to find some­one’s been in her house. Is Pierce to blame?

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Af­ter her rape or­deal, Rhona prob­a­bly thinks that life can’t get any worse right now. But she’s about to be proved wrong. A se­ries of chill­ing events leads the vet to be­lieve some­one is stalk­ing her – and all the ev­i­dence sug­gests twisted Pierce is re­spon­si­ble.

Rhona is al­ready at break­ing point when she dis­cov­ers that some­one has been in her house. Ear­lier in the Wool­pack, she’s heard the lo­cals wit­ter­ing on about what a great guy Pierce is. Know­ing only too well what he’s re­ally like, she loses it and blurts out the truth.

‘She can’t take it any more,’ says star Zoe Henry. ‘She snaps and tells every­one that Pierce raped her. She feels anger, em­bar­rass­ment and shame. She walks out be­cause she doesn’t want to wait for a re­ac­tion.’

At home, Rhona runs a hot bath to help ease her stress. But when she gets out, her blood runs cold – on the steamed-up mir­ror is a mes­sage that reads: ‘Pierce loves Rhona.’

Adds Zoe: ‘She as­sumes

Pierce has been in the house and it pulls the rug from un­der her.’

It’s just the start of things to come. Later, Rhona finds flow­ers in the house, along with the neck­lace that be­longed to Paddy’s mum – the one Pierce ripped off her neck on their wedding day. When Rhona con­fides in Paddy, he flips and heads to Pierce’s of­fice to con­front him. What will he have to say?

The next day, Rhona over­sleeps and comes down­stairs to find empty packs of tablets on the table. Not only that, but the door is open and her son Leo is nowhere to be seen.

She sees the lad play­ing out­side but, as she runs out, hold­ing one of the packs, Paddy and Mar­lon spot her and think she’s back on the pills.

Says Zoe: ‘She won­ders what she can say to con­vince them that she hasn’t taken drugs. It to­tally messes with her head, and makes her feel as if she is go­ing mad.’

As Rhona protests her in­no­cence, will Paddy and Mar­lon be­lieve her?

Bit­ter pill: What do the empty tablet packs mean?

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