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Cather­ine Tyldes­ley is spurned Eva

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What is Eva’s re­ac­tion when she finds out about Ai­dan and Maria’s af­fair?

It’s quite ex­treme, and she re­verts back to be­ing Eva the diva. That’s great be­cause when I first came into Corona­tion Street, she was very much of that ilk. I don’t think I would do what she’s planning to do, but as an ac­tress, it’s go­ing to be bril­liant to play.

What is her agenda – does she want to de­stroy Ai­dan?

She wants to take him for ev­ery­thing he’s got. When I get the scripts, I’m just cring­ing. It’s bril­liantly writ­ten and it’s very Eva.

If Eva was your friend, what ad­vice would you give her?

I’d tell her not to do it and to walk away. I’d say, ‘Have an amaz­ing life, show him what an amaz­ing per­son you are and what he’s miss­ing’. The things Eva is planning to do have got

‘back­fire’ writ­ten all over them! Do you have any sym­pa­thy for Ai­dan or Maria?

I think Ai­dan does love Eva, but he loves Maria, too, and he’s want­ing to have his cake and eat it. So no, ab­so­lutely not! And I don’t have any sym­pa­thy for Maria – you don’t do that to your friends, do you?

How have view­ers re­acted to this sto­ry­line? Are peo­ple con­stantly shout­ing, ‘Hey Eva, your boyfriend’s at it with Maria’?

All the time, but it’s re­ally nice be­cause every­one’s on Team Eva. Peo­ple take it very se­ri­ously; they pull me to one side and warn me.

If Ai­dan’s not the one for Eva, who else could be a match?

It’s dif­fi­cult to say. She loved Ai­dan so much, and there are mo­ments where you still see that, even af­ter she finds out about the af­fair. Would she take him back? Pos­si­bly. In terms of any­body else on the Street, I don’t think she’s in that frame of mind.

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