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Samia Longcham­bon is mis­tress Maria

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Up un­til Eva an­nounces her preg­nancy, does Maria think Ai­dan is go­ing to dump Eva for her?

Yes! She’s a mas­sive fool. When I read the scripts, it’s so frus­trat­ing be­cause I’m like, ‘She should’ve learned by now’. She should’ve learned about 16 years ago when Ty­rone cheated on her with Fiz.

What is it about him that she can’t stay away from? Liam was his cousin, so they ob­vi­ously have that his­tory. And for Maria, it is more than just lust. She loves him.

Eva has a big re­venge plan for Ai­dan. What would you do to him?

I’d put prawns in the cur­tain rail and I’d cut one leg out of all his suits. I’d go bunny boiler on him. Which prob­a­bly isn’t far from what Eva’s go­ing to do!

If you could give Maria ad­vice, what would it be?

I’d tell her she’s crazy and I’d give her a good shake as this is ob­vi­ously not go­ing to end well.

Do you wish she wasn’t such a gullible per­son?

Yeah, she frustrates me a lot. When I read the scripts, I’m like, ‘God, she’s so stupid!’ But you kind of will her to have a happy end­ing.

What’s the best thing about work­ing with your co-stars? It’s easy as they’re dead chilled. I’ve known Shayne for a few years from Danc­ing on Ice and Cath is just hi­lar­i­ous!

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