Caught on cam­era!

Emma reels when Arthur says he’s seen footage of her up­set­ting Ash­ley

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Emma Bar­ton has so far got away with push­ing fi­ancé James to his death, and be­lieves the man up­stairs has her back. But the nutty nurse won­ders if her luck is about to run out when young Arthur re­veals that he’s seen footage of her try­ing to con­fuse his now late fa­ther, Ash­ley.

The vicar, you’ll re­call, saw Emma and James row­ing on the bridge on the day the farmer plunged to his death – and when Emma re­alised he was on to her, she tried to futher be­fud­dle the de­men­tia suf­ferer. How­ever, she had no idea that their ‘con­ver­sa­tion’ was cap­tured on cam­era.

Arthur has caught glimpses of the pair’s ex­change, and he fi­nally sees the whole footage when he watches the videos that Ash­ley has left for him. He has started to worry about what will hap­pen to him if Lau­rel were to die, and hopes the record­ings will cheer him up.

The school­boy is shaken to see Emma up­set­ting Ash­ley, and when he later comes face to face with her, he’s vis­i­bly scared. ‘Emma of­fers to take a look at him as he’s off school,’ ex­plains star Gil­lian Kear­ney. ‘He then con­fronts her at choir prac­tice and says he watched the video of her ma­nip­u­lat­ing his dad. She re­alises she’s in big trou­ble.’

As Lau­rel re­mains obliv­i­ous to her son’s dis­cov­ery, a rat­tled Emma plots to save her skin. ‘She’s con­vinced that God is look­ing af­ter her,’ adds Gil­lian, ‘and she doesn’t want the se­cret about James to come out. She’ll do what­ever she can to keep Arthur quiet.’

Ques­tion is, how far will she go?

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