Harry Richard­son and Tom York on be­ing in the hit drama, caus­ing trou­ble for ross and their real-life bro­mance…

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Demelza’s broth­ers are mak­ing waves in the Cor­nish com­mu­nity. Drake is out to win Mor­wenna’s heart, while Sam has set his heart on sav­ing souls.

It’s only a mat­ter of time be­fore das­tardly banker Ge­orge War­leg­gan makes two new ad­ver­saries. We get the in­side story from Harry Richard­son and Tom York (right), who play the new­com­ers.

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Given the easy ban­ter flow­ing be­tween them, you’d be for­given for think­ing Poldark’s new heart­throbs Harry Richard­son and Tom York had been friends for years.

To­day, TV Times joins Harry and Tom – who play Demelza Poldark’s broth­ers Drake and Sam Carne – as they take a break be­tween shoot­ing scenes for the BBC1 megahit.

With their ter­rific chem­istry away from the cam­eras as well as on screen, we’re sur­prised to learn they first met while au­di­tion­ing for the se­ries.

‘Every­one as­sumes we’re broth­ers in real life,’ laughs Tom, whose cred­its in­clude fan­tasy se­ries Olym­pus. ‘It hap­pens a lot be­cause we get on so well and hang out out­side of work.’

‘We got along like a house on fire from the first day,’ says Aus­tralian Harry, who starred in last year’s ITV cos­tume drama Doctor Thorne.

This week, Drake’s re­la­tion­ship with Mor­wenna con­tin­ues to blos­som, while preacher Sam finds that Ge­orge has re­voked the Methodist’s prop­erty lease.

Drake and Sam do dif­fer personality-wise, but they have an amaz­ing bond, don’t they? Harry: Yes, they bal­ance each other well and work to­gether as a team. Tom: Ob­vi­ously, Sam’s very se­ri­ous, while Drake…

Harry: …needs to be on a lead prob­a­bly! Drake’s a very ex­citable lad and is test­ing where he sits in the world – whether that’s un­der his older brother’s wing of de­vout Method­ism, or tak­ing a leaf out of Demelza’s book by carv­ing out his own path. He starts to re­alise what’s im­por­tant to him.

Tom, what’s your take on Sam...

Tom: Sam’s had a tough life; he had an abu­sive fa­ther, his mother wasn’t around, he lives in poverty, his sis­ter leaves and, as the old­est son, he’s try­ing to look af­ter every­one else. He soon finds this dog­matic form of Chris­tian­ity, and it saves his life. It’s very rare as a young man to get to play a part where there is a real prin­ci­ple.

How is the broth­ers’ re­la­tion­ship with Demelza? Harry: Demelza and Drake’s re­la­tion­ship has al­ways been very strong. They’re very sim­i­lar in their pas­sion and love for life.

Tom: It’s a com­pli­cated sit­u­a­tion. As sib­lings there’s a very strong love be­tween them, but Demelza did leave. No­body could blame her for do­ing so, but the boys were aban­doned in a sense, how­ever that’s more from Sam’s per­spec­tive. Eleanor Tom­lin­son, who plays

Every­one as­sumes we’re broth­ers in real life tom

I’m sure Ai­dan will be grate­ful if we can di­vert some at­ten­tion! harry

Demelza, is so great and we built up a rap­port be­fore we started film­ing.

Do the broth­ers get on well with their in-law, Ross?

Harry: The ar­rival of two young lads who are po­ten­tially go­ing to cause more trou­ble might rub Ross up the wrong way, but their re­la­tion­ship warms. How­ever, there will be some ups and downs… Tom: If any­thing is a block on bring­ing Demelza to Method­ism, it’s Ross, so they have a frac­tious re­la­tion­ship. Ross prob­a­bly

re­grets tak­ing the boys in!

There have been many sto­ries about you two steal­ing Ai­dan’s heart­throb crown. How does he feel about that?

Harry: Ha ha! He hasn’t said any­thing about it. If any­thing, I’m sure Ai­dan will be grate­ful if we can di­vert some at­ten­tion away from him!

Tom: We’re prob­a­bly a lot more dorky than you think!

It was love at first sight for Drake and Mor­wenna. But with Drake on Team Poldark and Mor­wenna liv­ing un­der Ge­orge War­leg­gans’ roof, can they ever be to­gether? Harry: Drake falls head over heels for Mor­wenna. Their love is very in­stant and pure de­spite all of the ex­ter­nal pres­sures put on them such as the ques­tions of class dif­fer­ences and so­cial prob­lems. But they’re quite per­sis­tent. We’ll have to see if it works or it doesn’t… Tom: Sam also has a love in­ter­est, which is very dif­fi­cult for him be­cause he’s sup­posed to be de­voted to God. But he can’t help him­self and he falls in love with the wrong girl.

Is the girl in ques­tion Tholly Tre­girls’ daugh­ter Emma Tre­girls (played by Ciara Char­teris)?

Tom: [laugh­ing] I couldn’t say!

Harry, later in the se­ries Drake turns his hand to black­smithing. Tell us about your train­ing… Harry: I spent a day with a real-life black­smith, a bunch of ham­mers and an anvil, which was fas­ci­nat­ing and fun. I made some beau­ti­ful doorstops and coat hang­ers. I learned about how it was done dur­ing this pe­riod, which was very help­ful.

Fi­nally, are you en­joy­ing the 18th-cen­tury cos­tumes?

Harry: My cos­tume is su­per-earthy and very grubby, I get cov­ered in dirt ev­ery day, but on the plus side in be­tween scenes I don’t have to worry about where I sit or get­ting dirty. Tom: I love them! Sam has two main out­fits: a worn down miner’s one and a preacher cos­tume. When I put it on, I feel a sense of power and grav­i­tas!

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