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Abi sets her sights on snar­ing Steven...

Hav­ing had a se­cret bonk with Steven on her 21st birth­day, Abi Bran­ning has de­cided she’d like the full pack­age, and is now des­per­ate to nab her sis­ter’s boyfriend for good. To be fair, they’d prob­a­bly make the per­fect cou­ple – they’re both a sand­wich short of a pic­nic. But can Steven bring him­self to let Lau­ren go?

It’s not look­ing good for Abi when, at the start of the week, Steven can­didly tells her that what hap­pened be­tween them at her party meant noth­ing. But when Abi dis­cov­ers that he has put a track­ing de­vice on Lau­ren’s phone, she uses it as a way in.

‘Abi plays on Steven’s fears that Lau­ren can’t be trusted, and tells him she’d make a much bet­ter girl­friend be­cause she would be fully com­mit­ted to him, and wouldn’t have a rov­ing eye,’ says our Easten­ders in­sider.

In the process, how­ever, the blonde in­ad­ver­tently gives Steven an­other idea… to buy a phone charger that is also a se­cret cam­era. Where on earth do you get those from – Spies R Us?

Be­fore you can say ‘James Bond’, Steven has pur­chased the sneaky gad­get, and switched Lau­ren’s old charger over for this new, im­proved model. Not sur­pris­ingly, he plots to spy on his girl­friend while she’s at the shiny of­fice in Ca­nary Wharf with Clark Kent and his six pack.

When Abi cot­tons on that

Steven in­tends to watch Lau­ren’s ev­ery move, she ques­tions why he’s both­er­ing when he could have her, in­stead. Has she never heard of the phrase, ‘Treat ’em mean, keep ’em keen’? De­spite her best ef­forts, Steven main­tains that Lau­ren is the wo­man for him. But as he con­tin­ues to keep a beady eye on his un­sus­pect­ing girl­friend, he’s shocked to watch a conversation be­tween her and Josh.

‘Steven catches Josh ask­ing Lau­ren out for a drink,’ re­veals our in­sider. ‘He’s long sus­pected that there’s some­thing go­ing on be­tween them, and now he knows that it’s true.’

Will Lau­ren take Josh up on his of­fer? And if she does, will Steven call in Abi off the subs bench?

Lady in wait­ing: Abi wants Steven to fall for her Steven gives Lau­ren the dodgy charger

Su­per­man strikes: Josh asks Lau­ren out

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