"No more aching legs or swollen feet & an­kles for Len & his wife!"

Len suf­fered from poorer cir­cu­la­tion but he doesn’t anymore due to the REVITIVE Cir­cu­la­tion Booster which pumps his ‘sec­ond’ heart!

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Meet Len from Bog­nor Regis, he suf­fered from aches and pains in the legs and feet, plus swollen an­kles ever since re­turn­ing to Eng­land af­ter liv­ing in Spain for 13 years and set­tling back into English life again. “my legs and feet get all achy, and I get a bit of swelling on the an­kles”. It’s hin­dered Len and his wife’s daily life, “you’re not able to walk too far be­cause your legs started aching”. Things then got much worse for Len, “I got cramp in bed. There’s noth­ing like it, if you’re ly­ing in bed at three o’clock in the morn­ing and you’re get­ting this hor­ri­ble cramp­ing sen­sa­tion.” What’s more, Len’s wife also suf­fered with sim­i­lar prob­lems in­clud­ing aches and pains in her legs.

He and his wife were at a loss. Un­til they saw an ad­vert within their daily news­pa­per for the REVITIVE Cir­cu­la­tion Booster. “You know, I said to my wife, what do you think? Shall we in­vest in it? And she said well, any­thing that gets rid of my aches and pains I would do any­thing for, so I said right, we’ll get one.” Now Len and his wife can’t live with­out, it re­duced aches, pains and swollen feet, al­low­ing them to be more ac­tive and they have eas­ily in­cor­po­rated it into their daily rou­tine. “When we’re sat down watch­ing the tele­vi­sion, in the evening, my wife al­ways has the first ses­sion and when she’s fin­ished I go over and I have mine. It does a won­der­ful job for us, we’re very, very happy.”

“We’ve been us­ing it for nine months now and it’s so nice that we now have this re­laxed way of life.”

How it works

The mus­cles of the legs and feet con­tract and re­lax – act­ing like a sec­ond heart to help ‘pump’ the blood up­hill, back to­wards the heart. If you strug­gle to stay ac­tive or suf­fer from poorer cir­cu­la­tion, your leg mus­cles are less ef­fi­cient at re­turn­ing the blood, caus­ing tired, aching, heavy feel­ing legs, plus swollen feet and an­kles.

The REVITIVE Cir­cu­la­tion Booster is a drug-free med­i­cal de­vice de­signed to stim­u­late the mus­cles in your lower limbs to im­prove your cir­cu­la­tion, help­ing to re­duce swelling and there­fore the pain and dis­com­fort within your legs, feet and an­kles. It har­nesses the power of clin­i­cally-proven Elec­tri­cal Muscle Stim­u­la­tion (EMS) tech­nol­ogy which has been used as a med­i­cal ther­apy for al­most a cen­tury.

Len took ad­van­tage of the risk-free trial, “you can buy the ma­chine from them and if, af­ter 30 days, you're not happy with it you can send it back, get all your money back**. Well, the thing is, if you have a prob­lem, if your mus­cles do... you do get an ache, you do get cramp, why put up with the pain? Why not try a REVITIVE ma­chine. You can come and try mine if you want to.”

Claim back the VAT –if you have a di­ag­nosed long-term ill­ness or dis­abil­ity you can claim VAT re­lief – mak­ing it even cheaper!

De­vel­oped & Tested with lead­ing UK Uni­ver­si­ties

Clin­i­cal study shows 50% in­crease in blood fow Over the last 10 years we’ve con­ducted a con­tin­u­ous pro­gramme of tests and tri­als. Re­searchers from Im­pe­rial Col­lege Lon­don and Lon­don’s South Bank Univer­sity demon­strated in a clin­i­cal study that REVITIVE sig­nif­i­cantly im­proves blood flow by over 50% in healthy peo­ple.

Cur­rent tri­als are be­ing led by the world-renowned re­search team at Im­pe­rial Col­lege Lon­don.

TRIAL: With REVITIVE, cal­cu­la­tions showed blood vol­ume 4 times higher than base­line / at rest. in healthy peo­ple (Varathara­jan et al, 2014, The ef­fect of foot­plate neu­ro­mus­cu­lar elec­tri­cal stim­u­la­tion on ve­nous and ar­te­rial hemo­dy­nam­ics, Ph­le­bol­ogy, July 4 20 par­tic­i­pants.)

“...Any­thing that gets rid of my aches & pains”

“We now have this re­laxed way of life”

“...I can do all sorts of ex­er­cise that I couldn’t do. I’ve bought a ta­ble-ten­nis ta­ble!”

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