Mon­ster Neil EX­POSED!

Bethany confides in friend Craig about the twisted cop­per’s in­volve­ment in Nathan’s pae­dophile ring

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Craig won’t let it drop, and she’s ex­hausted from keep­ing it to her­self

Heroes come in many dif­fer­ent shapes and sizes. Could Bethany Platt’s turn out to be a mild-man­nered, gin­ger-haired teenager whose best friend, up un­til re­cently, was his pet rat?

The spe­cial con­sta­ble isn’t quite as dopey as he looks and, as he be­comes in­creas­ingly sus­pi­cious of Neil, he quizzes Bethany – who re­veals that his Sergeant was one of the men who raped her.

Aside from Craig and Bethany, Neil has fooled every­one into think­ing that he’s a pil­lar of the com­mu­nity – es­pe­cially Sarah.

She as­sumes that he has Bethany’s best in­ter­ests at heart, and doesn’t think twice about ask­ing him to come round to have a chat with her trau­ma­tised daugh­ter.

Lit­tle does she re­alise that as ‘Mr Re­spectable’ takes Bethany aside for a talk, he’s ac­tu­ally threat­en­ing the teen to lie about what hap­pened at Nathan’s flat.

‘Bethany’s scared of Neil, but she has to try to hide her fear in front of her mum, who doesn’t know why he’s re­ally there or what Neil is ca­pa­ble of,’ re­veals Lucy Fal­lon, who plays the fright­ened school­girl.

Craig isn’t as eas­ily fooled as Sarah, though. As he spots

Neil leav­ing num­ber 8 and sees an up­set Bethany through the win­dow, he smells a rat and does some dig­ging. He soon dis­cov­ers that Neil’s vis­its to Bethany haven’t been of­fi­cially recorded, and con­fronts his men­tor as to why that’s the case.

Neil’s rat­tled, and tells Craig to mind his own busi­ness. Of course, that only makes Craigy all the more sus­pi­cious. He calls in to see Bethany and asks her about Neil, and she breaks down and ad­mits that he was one of the men Nathan forced her to have sex with.

‘Craig won’t let it drop, and she’s ex­hausted from keep­ing it to her­self,’ says Lucy. ‘She feels that she can trust him.’

Craig’s hor­ri­fied and re­solves to re­port Neil for his crimes. But he’s faced with a dilemma when Bethany tells him that Neil threat­ened to hurt her fam­ily if she blabbed about the truth.

As Sarah and Gary go on a mis­sion to gather ev­i­dence against Nathan, Bethany urges Craig to keep quiet. Con­flicted, he heads to the sta­tion and tells his Chief In­spec­tor that he wants to quit.

As he leaves, Neil catches up with him and feeds him a pack of lies in a bid to cover his back. But will Craig be­lieve him?

Hon­est chat: Bethany tells Craig the truth

Threats: Neil tries to si­lence Bethany

Out: Craig quits the po­lice

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