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Poi­sonous pals Alexan­dra and Madi­son plot to bully Bex again...

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Just when it seemed Bex’s bul­ly­ing or­deal was over, Mads and Alexan­dra get that evil glint in their eye again. What those two need is some­one even more psy­chotic to give them a taste of their own medicine. Per­haps Aunt Babe could re­turn and make them a tri­fle – laced with those spe­cial cat poo ‘truf­fles’ they tricked Bex into eat­ing.

More re­cently, the pair have turned their at­ten­tions to Louise – back­ing up Kee­gan’s lie that she had slept with the bad boy while drunk, and leav­ing her fur­ther trau­ma­tised by sug­gest­ing she had caught chlamy­dia from him. As a re­sult, Louise got the bul­let from hot new boyfriend, Travis. This week, Bex is de­ter­mined to see the lovebirds reunited. With a lit­tle help from Shakil, she gets Travis to pay her friend a visit, who then apol­o­gises to Louise for not giv­ing her the ben­e­fit of the doubt.

But as Bex is leav­ing the Mitchell house with Shakil, she bad-mouths Alexan­dra – who’s pass­ing and over­hears ev­ery word. Sud­denly, she’s back in the firing line. Alex then re­ports back to her part­ner in crime and tells Mads she’s out for re­venge.

So, what’s it go­ing to be this time round? More ‘an­tics’ with a marker pen? Hardly. There’s no ques­tion the pair are de­ter­mined to cause trou­ble at Wal­ford Com­pre­he­sive’s drama show­case, in which Bex has been given a star­ring role.

It’s a big deal for the stu­dents, and Louise sneaks out of babysit­ting du­ties at home so that she can be there to sup­port her friend. Bex is un­der­stand­ably ner­vous as the clock ticks down to her ap­pear­ance on the big night – but is some­thing a lot worse about to hap­pen to her than for­get­ting her lines?

Un­der the club: Alexan­dra and Madi­son are bent on vic­tim­is­ing Bex

Back on? Bex tries to rec­on­cile Travis and Louise

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