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‘I would like shona to have a boyfriend,’ says Ju­lia Gould­ing, who plays the trou­bled mum of Kylie’s killer, Clay­ton. ‘she’s a loner, and all of her pre­vi­ous re­la­tion­ships have been so bad and so detri­men­tal to her own growth that it would be nice to see her with some­one de­cent, who’d al­low her to let her guard down.

‘Whether or not it’s David, who knows? If she did end up go­ing out with him, I think it would prob­a­bly be one of the most com­pli­cated re­la­tion­ships that the street has ever seen, be­cause she’s never go­ing to stop be­ing Clay­ton’s mum.’


‘I think Maria and David should get to­gether, and I keep say­ing that to Jack,’ says samia Longcham­bon, who plays the wid­ower’s friend and sa­lon col­league. ‘They’re quite sim­i­lar in that they’ve both had their hus­band/wife mur­dered [Maria’s hus­band, Liam, was mur­dered in 2008], they’ve both got kids, and they’ve both worked in the sa­lon all these years. They’ve grown up to­gether and know one an­other in­side out.

‘I think they could have fun to­gether as well. It wouldn’t be that they got to­gether and it would be all se­ri­ous – I think it

would be lots of fun.’

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