Craig tries to con­vince the cop­per to ad­mit to his sick crimes. But will the teen’s brave move pay off?

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Is brave Bethany fi­nally about to get jus­tice for her or­deal?

Craig Tinker may look as though he couldn’t knock the skin off a rice pud­ding, but be­neath that cud­dly ex­te­rior, there’s a lion lurk­ing. De­ter­mined to see Neil pun­ished for rap­ing Bethany, the spe­cial con­sta­ble se­cretly records a con­ver­sa­tion be­tween him­self and the crim­i­nal cop­per, dur­ing which he tries to goad Neil into ad­mit­ting what he’s done.

It may be a risky move, but des­per­ate times have called for des­per­ate mea­sures. Neil’s still swan­ning around Weather­field nick like the great pro­tec­tor, and there’s not enough ev­i­dence to charge ring­leader Nathan.

Craig isn’t the only one who’s tak­ing mat­ters into his own hands this week – so too, is David. He per­suades Shona to help him track down Lara, an­other of Nathan’s vic­tims, in the hope that if they can get her to talk to the po­lice, it will strengthen the case against the evil sa­lon owner. The pair man­age to find her – but will Lara want to help? Back on the cob­bles, Bethany’s gut­ted when Craig re­veals that Neil de­nied her al­le­ga­tions, but her friend makes her feel 10 times bet­ter as he as­sures her he knows she is telling the truth. In fact, Craig’s kind words give Bethany such a boost that she de­cides to get pro­fes­sional coun­selling.

‘Craig has been Bethany’s rock,’ says star Lucy Fal­lon. ‘She feels safe around him, and he’s one of the only peo­ple she feels she can talk to.’

The school­girl is stunned, though, when Craig later re­veals that he’s plan­ning to quit the force, and she per­suades him to change his mind.

The lad’s u-turn leaves Neil well and truly narked and, when Craig tells him that he’s plan­ning to ask for a new men­tor, he snaps, know­ing it won’t look good in the eyes of his col­leagues. Bundling Craig into his car, he tells him they need ‘a lit­tle chat’.

Although Craig’s fright­ened, he thinks on his feet. He se­cretly presses record on his mo­bile phone, and tries to goad his sick Sergeant into ad­mit­ting just what he got up to at Nathan’s ‘par­ties.’ Will Neil re­veal all?

At Craig’s in­sis­tence, Bethany then re­ports Neil to the po­lice, and ex­plains to DC Leigh how she was forced to have sex with him. The cop­per is con­fi­dent that there is enough ev­i­dence to bring charges. Is brave Bethany fi­nally about to get jus­tice for her or­deal?


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