Mel giedroyc on why her new teatime game show is both en­ter­tain­ing and just a lit­tle bit an­noy­ing…

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mon­day-fri­day / bbc2 Mel Giedroyc is back with an­other new show. This week, she hosts a new game show in­volv­ing let­ter clues. If it’s a hit, I ex­pect the boardgame will be out for Christ­mas.

Any­body who feared that lovely Mel Giedroyc would have too much time on her hands after she left The Great Bri­tish Bake Off needn’t have wor­ried as Mel, 49, has al­ready had a su­per-busy year host­ing a clutch of tal­ent shows from Euro­vi­sion: You De­cide and Let’s Sing and Dance for Comic Re­lief to Let It Shine and Pitch Bat­tle.

Now, she’s turn­ing to the world of game shows with Let­ter­box. The ad­dic­tive daily show sees pairs of con­tes­tants try to crack a series of let­ters based pass­words. As they go along, they col­lect let­ters, which will help the win­ning cou­ple solve the mys­tery fi­nal pass­word, which un­locks the let­ter­box hold­ing a £2,500 prize. Here, Mel tells us more.

How would you de­scribe Let­ter­box in three words?

Pass­words. Need. Crack­ing.

what makes it spe­cial?

It’s the most fun fam­ily word­play quiz game that you’ll ever play.

It’s one of those very all-wel­com­ing, all-in­clu­sive ex­pe­ri­ences. That’s the great thing about this show, in the stu­dio there’s a lot of, ‘Nooo!’ and ‘Ahhh!’ go­ing on. But the au­di­ence at home will be just as in­volved.

You lit­er­ally will be throw­ing things at the telly as you play along.

How tough is it?

First and fore­most we have some crack­ing con­tes­tants, we’ve got some re­ally, re­ally good peo­ple. But you don’t have to be a ge­nius to play it. Any­one can play it. Young, old, word­smith or nay. You ab­so­lutely don’t have to be an ex­pert quizzer. Trust me, I can play it.

ooh, are you any good?!

Well be­ing the quiz mistress, I thought it would be fun if I didn’t know any of the words ei­ther, so I’m play­ing along and it’s ex­cit­ing. But when I re­alise what an an­swer is, I want to blurt it out! Gen­er­ally though, I’m an ab­so­lutely ter­ri­ble quizzer be­cause the pres­sure is too much. I feel for the guys on the show. Once you’re there stand­ing in the spot­light hav­ing to an­swer within a cer­tain amount of time, ev­ery­thing slips your mind. It’s much eas­ier sit­ting at home shout­ing and scream­ing than it is to be un­der the old spot­light.

what sort of pass­words can we ex­pect to see?

The words that crop up can be on ab­so­lutely any sub­ject mat­ter at all. It could be some­thing to do with millinery, the mil­i­tary, or Mil­li­cent Martin, all things be­gin­ning with ‘M’, which is one of my favourite let­ters. I know that’s very nar­cis­sis­tic of me but I just love an ‘M’. It’s nice to look at, it’s nice to write in the sand, it’s nice to write on a win­dow that’s had con­den­sa­tion on it…

and how about your least favourite let­ter?

It’s got to be ‘Q’. I know Q’s quite cool, he’s a Bond char­ac­ter and ev­ery­thing, but ac­tu­ally if you get a ‘Q’ in the bag of Scrab­ble let­ters, it’s not good at all be­cause ‘U’ has to fol­low, un­less you’re go­ing to spell the word ‘qi’, which is ap­par­ently a real thing, but I don’t be­lieve it.

what’s your favourite word?

‘Willy-nilly’. ‘Ribald.’ ‘Squelch’ too, and ‘jig­gery-pok­ery’.

we get the im­pres­sion you’re pretty com­pet­i­tive at games and quizzes, is that right?

I’m aw­ful at Christ­mas! I take cha­rades way too se­ri­ously. Half the fam­ily won’t play with me now be­cause I’m so ag­gres­sive.

will you miss Bake Off when it starts again in the au­tumn?

I’m think­ing of them, won­der­ing what’s go­ing on. I’m ex­tremely fond of [new pre­sen­ter] Noel Field­ing and I love the idea of him be­ing in the Bake Off tent. He’s great. It’ll be good to see how he deals with a cro­quem­bouche.

Love a good word-based puz­zler? Check out this new week­day game show pre­sented by the ev­ercheery (and ever-busy!) Mel Giedroyc. Pairs of con­tes­tants com­pete to crack a series of pass­words, win­ning let­ters to in­crease their chances of get­ting the pass­word for a Let­ter­box hold­ing a £2,500 cash prize. Got that? Easy peasy!

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