Em­merdale, Hol­lyoaks and Doc­tors

The chem­istry hots up for Deb­bie and Ross. Is a re­union on the cards?

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Ross comes on to Deb­bie in a silly way. She de­cides to play him at his own game

Short of wear­ing a neon sign on her head, Deb­bie Din­gle couldn’t make it more ob­vi­ous that she still fan­cies the oily over­alls off Ross Bar­ton. When he an­nounces that he’s go­ing to help cougar Jools throw a party for a bunch of teenagers at the Wool­pack, her ex­pres­sion is so sour, it could cur­dle milk a mile off.

She’s adamant that she def­i­nitely doesn’t want him back – but she isn’t keen on any­one else get­ting their mitts on him, ei­ther.

‘Deb­bie doesn’t like Jools,’ says Charley Webb who plays her. ‘She knows that Jools slept with Ross and she is jeal­ous, but rather than ex­plain her feel­ings, she lies and makes out that she doesn’t want to get into trou­ble with Char­ity.’

Soon af­ter­wards, Deb­bie flirts with Ross in the garage, jok­ingly putting him in his place when he sug­gests they could be friends with ben­e­fits. Adds Charley: ‘Ross comes on to her in a silly way, and she doesn’t like that an­noy­ing, show-off side to his per­son­al­ity.

She de­cides to play him at his own game and makes out she is go­ing to fall for it, but doesn’t.’

After some se­ri­ous but­ter­ing up, Ross per­suades Deb­bie to help him with the party and, with Faith’s help, they put on a great bash. Be­cause the kids are all un­der­age, Deb­bie makes sure it’s al­co­hol free – but it doesn’t stay that way for long. When Sarah over­hears Faith talk­ing about how much profit could be made from sell­ing booze to teens, she starts flog­ging shots on the sly. Talk about a true Din­gle…

‘Deb­bie no­tices the teenagers are get­ting drunk, says Charley,

'and thinks it must be Faith’s do­ing. The whole thing spi­rals out of con­trol re­ally quickly.’

The teenagers run amok and, to add to the chaos, Jools’ hus­band, Roger, shows up. It’s a shock for Deb­bie and for Ross, too. He didn’t know Jools was mar­ried, and when Roger finds them to­gether in the toi­lets he beats Ross up.

Deb­bie comes to her ex’s aid and tends to his wounds. As the pair get up close, it’s clear there’s still a spark be­tween them. Will Deb­bie fi­nally give into her


Match­ing pair: Is it game on again for Deb­bie and Ross?

Swing time: Deb­bie’s hus­band Roger starts a fight with Ross

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