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Point­less host Alexan­der Arm­strong over­sees this new se­ries, which in­cludes a skate­board­ing rat and a horse that can count. I won­der if I can teach my rab­bit a few tricks.

1 Give Re­wards

‘find out what the pet loves and use it to mo­ti­vate them, so if your dog adores liver cake, use it to re­ward him for the be­hav­iour you want.’

2 Keep it Short

‘Just do­ing three to five min­utes of train­ing once or twice a day is more than enough to keep your an­i­mal men­tally stim­u­lated.’

3 Be pos­i­tive

‘You might not want a dog to bark at the door, but it is bet­ter to train them to do some­thing you want rather than pun­ish­ing them for do­ing what you don’t want.’

4 Make it fun

‘they have to en­joy the ex­pe­ri­ence. an an­i­mal that wants to do a trick is al­ways go­ing to be bet­ter at it than an an­i­mal that is made to do it.’

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