Leanne un­der pres­sure

Steve pro­poses again – this time, in public. Will she feel forced to say yes?

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Steve has prob­a­bly put more ef­fort into or­der­ing a take­away pizza than he put into his mar­riage pro­posal to Leanne last week, but af­ter a good talk­ing to from mum Liz, he de­cides to ask her again, prop­erly. This time around, he man­ages to get his back­side off the sofa and pops the ques­tion with the help of baby Oliver and a care­fully cho­sen baby­gro.

As Liz is lec­tur­ing Steve about putting some ‘oomph’ into the pro­ceed­ings, Leanne is waking up with the mother of all hang­overs. In ad­di­tion to a vodka-in­duced headache, she also has the painful mem­ory of hav­ing agreed to be­come Steve’s wife.

‘Let’s just say she isn’t jump­ing for joy!’ says star Jane Dan­son, who plays her. ‘It was def­i­nitely the drink that made her agree, and she’s mortified when she re­alises what she has done.’

Des­per­ate to undo the mess she’s got her­self into, Leanne tells Steve they need to talk, but she’s stunned when she later finds him out­side the Rovers with Oli, who’s dressed in a baby­gro em­bla­zoned with the words: ‘Will you marry my Daddy?’ Worse still, as Steve pro­ceeds to get down on bended knee, half the street is watch­ing. The au­di­ence is all thanks to Amy, who has over­heard Liz and Steve’s con­ver­sa­tion, and gone on to spread the word that her dad and Leanne are get­ting hitched.

‘Leanne is hor­ri­fied to find her­self in this sit­u­a­tion, in the mid­dle of the street, with every­one watch­ing,’ says Jane. ‘She feels the pres­sure is re­ally on her now.’

With every­one’s eyes on her, can Leanne re­ally bring her­self to say no?

Leanne is hor­ri­fied to find her­self in this sit­u­a­tion

Squat­ter’s rites: Steve pro­poses to a stunned Leanne

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