The money or his life?

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Af­ter an ac­ci­dent at work, Gary takes a dan­ger­ous job abroad. Will he sur­vive?

You know your job’s a tad dan­ger­ous when your boss asks you to make a will be­fore you start work. That’s ex­actly what hap­pens to Gary Win­dass when he ac­cepts an of­fer from his old army mate, Joe, to go and work for his pri­vate se­cu­rity firm in the Ukraine.

Gary told Joe that it was a def­i­nite ‘no’ when his mate tried to lure him on board a few weeks ago. But he does a U-turn af­ter he has an ac­ci­dent on his lat­est build­ing job. Gary fails to stack some bricks prop­erly, which in turn causes some scaf­fold­ing to col­lapse. He’s buried un­der­neath, and there’s thou­sands of pounds worth of dam­age.

The ex sol­dier gets away with­out se­ri­ous in­jury – but just as he’s count­ing his lucky stars, his em­ployer, Don, de­mands to see copies of his in­surance doc­u­ments so that he can sub­mit a claim. Sur­prise sur­prise, Gary doesn’t have any in­surance.

‘He just as­sumes that he is cov­ered by his em­ployer, be­cause that’s what nor­mally hap­pens,’ re­veals Mikey North, who plays him. ‘But it turns out that, be­cause he was work­ing at some­one’s house, he should have had his own in­surance.’

Don fires him on the spot, and also de­mands £10k to pay for the dam­age. To add to Gary’s woes, Sarah re­veals that she has found them a flat and has agreed to put a de­posit down.

In dire need of cash, Gary tells Joe that he’ll take the Ukraine job, and lies to Sarah that he has landed some lu­cra­tive work with his Dad in Hamburg. That’s a rub­bish cover story – any­one who re­mem­bers Ed­die Win­dass will know that he avoids hard graft like the plague.

As he later meets up with Joe to dis­cuss the job de­tails, he’s stunned when his friend sug­gests mak­ing a will be­fore he flies out. But poor Gary feels he doesn’t have the lux­ury of back­ing out. ‘He’s des­per­ate to pay off the 10 grand,’ says Mikey. ‘It would take him a year to earn that in Weather­field, whereas over in the Ukraine, he could make that in a week.’

There’s a hairy mo­ment when Sarah says she’d like to ac­com­pany him on his ‘Ger­man’ trip. Gary shuts her down, say­ing that he wants to give the job his full at­ten­tion, and braces him­self for what is to come. What kind of hor­rors await?

Gown and out? Gary’s em­ployer Don asks him for proof of in­surance

Se­cu­rity risk: Joe of­fers Gary a job in the Ukraine

Gary tries to put Sarah off com­ing to ‘Hamburg’

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