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Noel Fitz­patrick and Steve Jones on their mis­sion to save aban­doned pets

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An­i­mal Res­cue Live: Su­per­vet Spe­cial mon­day-fri­day / c4 / 8.00Pm

We’re meant to be a na­tion of an­i­mal lovers but that doesn’t stop 250,000 pets be­ing aban­doned ev­ery year. Luck­ily, C4’s new five-day event, An­i­mal Res­cue Live: Su­per­vet Spe­cial, aims to change all that.

Hosted by self-con­fessed an­i­mal lovers Steve Jones, Kate Quil­ton and The Su­per­vet’s Noel Fitz­patrick, its mis­sion is to find homes for all the stray dogs, cats, bud­gies and rab­bits at the Newcastle Dog & Cat Shel­ter by the end of the week!

We caught up with Steve, 40, and Noel, 49, to find out more…

Can you tell us about the show? Steve: Well, I’ll be steer­ing the ship, Noel’s our an­i­mal ex­pert, while Kate will be en­cour­ag­ing view­ers to adopt an­i­mals from the shel­ter in Newcastle, as well as oth­ers across the coun­try. Noel: Ba­si­cally, we’re say­ing, if you’re think­ing about owning a pet, why not con­sider an an­i­mal that re­ally needs a home? Some of th­ese an­i­mals will have been bereaved or suf­fered cru­elty, so the show will def­i­nitely tug on peo­ple’s heart­strings. Will any­one be able to call the show and take a pet home?

Steve: Ac­tu­ally, part of our mis­sion is about be­ing a re­spon­si­ble pet owner, so we’ll have qual­i­fied peo­ple look­ing into the fam­i­lies to find the right peo­ple for each an­i­mal.

Why do you think peo­ple choose breeds over res­cue an­i­mals?

Noel: Peo­ple tend to judge other peo­ple on looks and, sadly, it’s the same with an­i­mals.

Steve: They also imag­ine shel­ters are like dark cages and they’re not at all! So the show’s also about open­ing the doors to th­ese places so peo­ple can see them for them­selves.

You’ve got five days to achieve your goal, do you think you’ll do it? Steve: Why not? Luck­ily, we’re real an­i­mal lovers in this coun­try! Noel: There’s a lot of ev­i­dence that your men­tal health is sig­nif­i­cantly im­proved by in­ter­ac­tion with a pet – the show’s all about that and how an­i­mals can bring you real joy!

Steve, you’ve done live TV be­fore, but Noel, are you ner­vous about it? Noel: No, it can’t be as stress­ful as per­form­ing vet­eri­nary surgery! I’m sure it will be good fun – we all re­ally care about the project.

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