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Matt Teb­butt on mak­ing Satur­day Kitchen Live his own and the per­ils of live TV

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We get to drink at 10.30 in the morn­ing!

Matt teb­butt

Satur­day Kitchen Live Satur­day / BBC1 / 10.00am

Matt Teb­butt is a very busy man. As well as tak­ing over reg­u­lar pre­sent­ing du­ties on BBC1’S Satur­day Kitchen ear­lier this year, next week sees him present Good Food’s new trav­el­ogue Matt Teb­butt’s South Africa ev­ery week­night. As TV Times catches up with Matt, 43, for a chat, he tells us why his suc­cess is all down to luck… How are you en­joy­ing pre­sent­ing Satur­day Kitchen Live?

I love it, it’s great fun, ex­hil­a­rat­ing and terrifying. I meet in­ter­est­ing peo­ple and hang out with other chefs, so it’s like a so­cial club and we get to drink at 10.30 in the morn­ing! Plus, it hope­fully makes view­ers think, ‘Per­haps I will try cook­ing that dish tonight.’

Were you ner­vous tak­ing over from James Mar­tin?

I was, but you just have to be your­self. I didn’t get into, ‘Am I go­ing to be bet­ter than James? Are peo­ple go­ing to like me?’

If you do that, you're go­ing to fall flat on your face. There are other peo­ple who could do this; I was just very lucky, and it re­ally is a priv­i­lege do­ing it.

What are your view­ers like?

I get a real mix of peo­ple watch­ing be­cause it’s shown on a Satur­day morn­ing, from kids who want to get into cook­ing to pro­fes­sional chefs who try to catch you out!

What’s the scari­est thing about do­ing a live show? Ac­ci­den­tally swear­ing – I soon learned that! Chefs are no­to­ri­ous for us­ing bad lan­guage at work, so you have to be very care­ful you don’t slip up. The fear keeps you alive!

If I could do it with my eyes shut, it wouldn’t be in­ter­est­ing to watch.

You al­ways ask your guests about their food heaven and food hell, what’s yours?

For heaven, I love pretty much ev­ery­thing, but es­pe­cially Chi­nese food or pork belly. Food done sim­ply but nicely – noth­ing too fancy and no foams, none of that non­sense. Hell is tripe. It looks hor­ri­ble and tastes worse. How can you make a cow’s stom­ach tasty?

What was it like go­ing to South Africa for your Good Food show? It’s a jour­ney through South African food, his­tory and cul­ture, and it was a lovely ad­ven­ture. South Africa was cut off for a long pe­riod of time due to apartheid, but this trip smashed all my pre­con­ceived ideas about the coun­try. I found that it is a beau­ti­ful place with so much go­ing for it.

What did you dis­cover there? They love bar­be­cues! They call them braais and they make our bar­be­cues look ridicu­lous be­cause they have all th­ese huge cuts of meat in mari­nades. It’s a very male-dom­i­nated area, but I met an amaz­ing fe­male butcher who teaches women to bar­be­cue.

You also met Nel­son Man­dela’s chef, what did she re­veal?

She was fas­ci­nat­ing. She told me that when Man­dela came to the UK to meet Tony Blair, he stayed at a posh ho­tel and said he wouldn’t come out of his room un­til he had had his ‘pap’, which is maize por­ridge, of­ten with sour yo­ghurt. They sent it on a plane to him. I loved him for that.

What’s next for you?

More Food Un­wrapped for C4, but we’re also talk­ing of do­ing a nice show go­ing around the world drink­ing beer. When I moan about hav­ing to go off some­where, my daugh­ter [Jes­sica, 15] says sar­cas­ti­cally, ‘Oh, it must be hard be­ing you, fly­ing off and get­ting paid to go some­where in­ter­est­ing’. That keeps me in check!

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