Adam & Eva?

He makes a move on his part­ner in crime. Will their plot­ting turn to pas­sion?

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Talk about Mir­a­cle on Corona­tion Street.

Adam Bar­low, who nor­mally spends ev­ery wak­ing hour shaft­ing peo­ple, ac­tu­ally shows he has a warm, fuzzy side this week. As Eva buckles un­der the strain of their re­venge plan, he’s over­whelmed by an urge to pro­tect her, and finds him­self lean­ing in for a kiss.

Although Eva wants Ai­dan to pay for his af­fair with her so-called friend Maria, she’s strug­gling to keep up her lie that she’s preg­nant. Watch­ing him coo over ‘their’ baby scan – which has been pulled off the in­ter­net – she’s wracked with guilt, and tells Leanne and Adam that enough’s enough.

‘Eva’s com­pletely torn, be­cause although she has this feisty side, she’s also very sweet-na­tured,’ says Cather­ine Tyldes­ley, who plays her. ‘When she’s do­ing all these things to get her re­venge on Ai­dan, you keep see­ing pangs of guilt. She’s in a hor­ren­dous po­si­tion, be­cause she does still love him.’

See­ing her dis­tress, Adam

doesn’t ar­gue and hands over the hard drive from the fac­tory’s com­puter. But as Eva heads into the of­fice to put it back, Johnny and Ai­dan re­turn and she’s forced to hide. Will she be caught out?

It doesn’t seem that way. In fact, later that day, Eva seems more fired up than ever. She tells Jenny that, due to her preg­nancy, she’s keen to get mar­ried as soon as pos­si­ble, and would like a dou­ble wed­ding with her and Johnny.

Jenny would rather pull her own teeth out than share her wed­ding day with Bar­bie and Ken, but Eva’s got a bee in her bon­net, and tells Ai­dan to sweet-talk his dad.

Mean­while, as Eva con­tin­ues with the lies, Adam can see that she’s strug­gling, and sup­ports her idea to es­cape to France for a while. Eva’s touched and, as she thanks him for his sup­port, he moves in to kiss her. Will she kiss him back?

Be­fore she heads off, Eva tasks Maria with tak­ing over the plans for her wed­ding and hen night ar­range­ments. The crimper’s taken aback, not least be­cause she sus­pects Eva and Adam could be car­ry­ing on to­gether. Ai­dan in­sists that’s non­sense when she men­tions it to him – but will he come to re­gret not heed­ing Maria’s hunch?

When Eva’s do­ing things to get re­venge on Ai­dan, you keep see­ing pangs of guilt

Big plans: Eva wants Maria to take care of her wed­ding ar­range­ments How will Eva re­spond to an amorous Adam?

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