Gemma ar­rested

She’s carted off by the po­lice when Rita ac­cuses her lodger of steal­ing

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Gemma’s come a long way since be­ing Cal­lum Lo­gan’s lackey, but the ke­bab seller finds her­self go­ing back to her old ways when she gets a visit from two old mates.

When the girls in ques­tion – Zoe and Roxy – turn up, Gemma takes them to Rita’s flat to raid the drinks cabi­net. ‘Some of it is show­ing off, and prov­ing how she’s turned her life around, but also try­ing to fit in,’ says star Dolly-rose Camp­bell.

Rita’s not im­pressed to find her front room re­sem­bles a sec­ond-rate night club, and turfs out the pair. Gemma’s ini­tially miffed, un­til she finds out that Rita has sug­gested to Jenny that she asks her young lodger to be her brides­maid.

Zoe and Roxy aren’t so for­giv­ing, and when they dis­cover Rita hasn’t locked The Kabin, they get their own back. So when Nor­ris opens up the fol­low­ing morn­ing, he’s hor­ri­fied to see the shop’s been ran­sacked.

When po­lice are called and they point out there’s no sign of a forced en­try, Rita then dis­cov­ers her purse is £100 down and re­alises some­one’s been in her bag and could have taken the Kabin keys at the same time.

Gemma and her mates are the ob­vi­ous sus­pects and de­spite Gemma as­sur­ing her friend that she would never steal from her, she ends up get­ting ar­rested. Can she prove to Reet that she’s got it all wrong?

The po­lice ar­rive to ar­rest Gemma

Gemma finds her­self in Rita’s bad books

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