Jus­tice for Bethany?

Nathan and dodgy cop Neil stand trial for groom­ing...

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Thanks to some canny work from Craig, evil duo Nathan and Neil have been charged with child groom­ing of­fences and, later this year, they’ll stand trial for their crimes.

‘In the build-up, there’s still a des­per­a­tion to get enough ev­i­dence against them, and to find peo­ple who were caught up in their pae­dophile ring,’ re­veals our Cor­rie mole. ‘There’s some real twists along the way, which Craig is in­volved in.’

Will the evil pair go down for abus­ing Bethany? Stars

Chris Harper and Ben Cartwright have both given strong hints that jus­tice will be served.

Chris, who plays Nathan, says:

‘What we re­ally want is to tell this story right, and I think it’s re­ally im­por­tant that Nathan doesn’t get away with it.’ Ben, who plays Neil, adds: ‘I don’t think Corona­tion Street has any other op­tion than to show that these guys get their come­up­pance.’

What­ever the out­come, Bethany’s or­deal isn’t over. ‘She has changed, and it wouldn’t be re­al­is­tic if she didn’t,’ says

Lucy Fal­lon, who plays her.

‘Some­thing like this would stay with some­one

for ever.’

Bethany has been dam­aged by the abuse

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