Will Phe­lan kill Andy?

Bad Pat prom­ises to help his in­jured hostage – but then digs a hole…

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Some­thing needs to hap­pen to re­solve this

We’ve seen Pat Phe­lan black­mail Anna Win­dass into hav­ing sex with him, and we’ve seen him watch and smile as Michael Rod­well had a fa­tal heart at­tack. But we’ve never seen him kill any­one – yet. Could this be the week that he takes his vil­lainy to a new level?

The shady Scouser has a big prob­lem, and it’s not go­ing to go away by it­self. Af­ter Phe­lan wal­loped Bistro bar­man Andy Carver with a lap­top back in Jan­uary, we all as­sumed he’d snuffed it. Turns out, for the seven months since, Phe­lan has been keep­ing the poor fella locked in the cel­lar of a derelict house.

But now things are get­ting tricky... Folk are won­der­ing why Phe­lan keeps get­ting cuts and bruises, and Ni­cola smelt a rat when she re­cently caught him dis­pos­ing of an old mat­tress.

As Andy be­gins another week of in­car­cer­a­tion, Phe­lan the chameleon is putting on his mask of re­spectabil­ity and con­tin­u­ing on his quest to bond with daugh­ter Ni­cola. But it looks as though he’s about to come un­stuck when she tells Yas­meen that he’s help­ing her to build a youth cen­tre. The feisty pen­sioner is less than im­pressed, and warns her that her fa­ther is a rogue, who pulled off a prop­erty scam. As Ni­cola con­fronts her dad, can Phe­lan con­vince her that he’s done noth­ing wrong?

Mean­while, the pro­tracted is­sue with Andy rum­bles on.

‘When Phe­lan first at­tacked Andy, he thought, “I won’t kill him, but I’ll take him away and maybe, like Michael, he’ll just ex­pire and then my hands will be clean”,’ re­veals Con­nor Mcin­tyre, who plays Phe­lan. ‘But things just didn’t turn out that way.’ Now Phe­lan’s feel­ing the heat. In ad­di­tion to deal­ing with his sus­pi­cious fam­ily, Andy has a wound on his arm from their re­cent fight, which has be­come in­fected.

As Andy cries alone in agony, he’s re­lieved when Phe­lan drops in and says he’ll get him some med­i­ca­tion. But as Phe­lan leaves, it’s not a phar­macy he’s head­ing to. In­stead, he goes into the gar­den and starts dig­ging a hole…

‘Some­thing needs to hap­pen to re­solve this. But Phe­lan knows that killing Andy would be cross­ing the line and they’d be no go­ing back,’ adds Con­nor.

Will Phe­lan’s con­science kick in, or is Andy des­tined for a shal­low grave?

Go­ing un­der­ground : What are Phe­lan’s plans for Andy?

What does fate de­cree for Andy?

eileen and Ni­cola tend Phe­lan’s wounds

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