The rockies, north amer­ica

episode one

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The Rockies is the great­est tem­per­ate moun­tain range in the world, but an­i­mals here have had to adapt to the sea­sons in or­der to sur­vive, pick­ing the right mo­ment to act,’ says Steve.

‘We look at how male bighorn sheep have a short pe­riod to mate, be­cause the fe­males want to give birth when the new grass is grow­ing to give their ba­bies the best chance at life. Then there’s the Ru­fous hum­ming­bird, which makes the most amaz­ing mi­gra­tory jour­ney of any crea­ture in the Rockies. It has a brain the size of a grain of rice, but some­how it knows which way to fly to find a meal.

‘To sur­vive when food runs out, the tiger sala­man­der turns can­ni­bal and eats its broth­ers and sis­ters, and when its pond dries up, it changes from an aquatic to a ter­res­trial an­i­mal.’

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