Chal­lenge Bren­dan!

TV Times - - Interview -

tv times played Bren­dan at his own game by giv­ing him five pairs of state­ments, but only one of each pair is true. Can he work out the truth from the lie?

1 A Camels can store wa­ter in their humps. B Camels have three pairs of eye­lids.

Bren­dan: I know that camels have three pairs of eye­lids and that the hump stores fat, not wa­ter, so it’s the eye­lids.

TVT: Cor­rect – we’re im­pressed! 1/1

2 A napoleon wasn’t short – he had a height of five feet six inches, which was about av­er­age for the time. B napoleon was the sec­ond cousin of his neme­sis the Duke of Welling­ton.


That’s a good one be­cause either one could be true.

Log­i­cally, be­cause his­tory’s writ­ten by the win­ners, and he wasn’t the win­ner, he’d prob­a­bly have been la­belled a small man when he wasn’t so I think I’ll go with that.

TVT: Cor­rect! 2/2

Bren­dan: Thank good­ness!

3 A on the moon you’d weigh one sixth of what you weigh on earth.

B The moon is grad­u­ally mov­ing closer to the earth.

Bren­dan: well, as the uni­verse is ex­pand­ing, noth­ing’s go­ing to be mov­ing closer, it’s all mov­ing fur­ther away so I’ll go with the weight one as the truth.

TVT: Right! 3/3

Bren­dan: Bril­liant!

4 A Crois­sants were in­vented in Brazil, not France.

B in France, putting a baguette on a ta­ble up­side down is con­sid­ered bad luck.

Bren­dan: I think crois­sants were in­vented in France be­cause it’s French for cres­cent, or maybe they were in­vented in ara­bia but not Brazil, so I’m go­ing with the baguette.

TVT: Me­dieval ver­sions of crois­sants orig­i­nated in aus­tria but you’re right about the baguette! 4/4 Bren­dan: woo-hoo!

5 A 10 oc­to­ber 2006 was de­clared ‘Tom Cruise Day’ in Ja­pan.

B Tom Cruise’s first job was as a shoe sales­man.

Bren­dan: I once saw Tom at a func­tion in La wear­ing shoes that were sparkling and had sil­ver tips on them, so I’m go­ing to say shoe sales­man.

TVT: we fi­nally fooled you! Bren­dan: Oh! well, I’ll never for­get that now.

TVT: Four out of five is amaz­ing! Bren­dan: Thanks!

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