‘It’s a dark web’

Paddy Con­si­dine on play­ing a com­plex cop…

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How would you de­scribe counter-ter­ror­ism of­fi­cer gabe wa­ters?

He’s very good at his job, but he has worked un­der­cover for many years and that has def­i­nitely left a scar on his psy­che. He finds his un­der­cover life dif­fi­cult to let go of.

what is gabe’s re­la­tion­ship with his in­for­mant raza? There are cer­tain rules about how to op­er­ate with in­form­ers – you can’t be friends be­cause you have to be able to drop them at any mo­ment. But some­times that work­ing re­la­tion­ship can teeter into the per­sonal and that starts

to hap­pen with Gabe and raza. He feels guilty for draw­ing the poor kid into this world, which is like a dark web that you can’t get out of.

what about his other re­la­tion­ships?

Gabe’s life is im­mensely com­pli­cated. He is al­ways jug­gling dif­fer­ent el­e­ments and play­ing dif­fer­ent roles. He’s en­trenched in these worlds and it’s hard to fig­ure out when he is be­ing truth­ful be­cause he’s bal­anc­ing so many lies about him­self. Over the course of the story, things start to fall down and his iden­tity be­gins to crum­ble. His covert life starts to in­fringe on his per­sonal life and threaten it.

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