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I have been a mu­sic nut since 1968 when I was 13 years old. Fri­day nights I would lie in bed lis­ten­ing to the Top 40 on my lit­tle tran­nie with the ear­phone in so as not to wake the par­ents. Satur­day I would re­write the Top 40 to my lik­ing (Stones on top, then The Bea­tles), then ride my bike down to the record store to steal my favourite sin­gles with the old down­the-front-of-the-pants un­der-the shirt trick. I even­tu­ally got caught, which stopped that bad habit, but luck­ily I de­vel­oped many more as I got older. I now live in Western Aus­tralia in the small min­ing town of Wick­ham (pop­u­la­tion 2,500) which is in the Pil­bara re­gion about 1,500 kilo­me­tres north of Perth. Not a lot to do here, so re­cently I counted my Un­cut CDs: 140.

Some of the un­en­light­ened say there is no good new mu­sic com­ing out but, thanks to Un­cut, I have been in­tro­duced to such fab­u­lous artists as Hur­ray For The Riff Raff, Iron And Wine, Kurt Vile, The Civil Wars and Peter Case to men­tion but a few. I also got to know about some great (and there’s lots of great) Aussie mu­sic that I might have missed oth­er­wise. But oh my God, re­cently I bought Kevin Morby’s Singing Saw al­bum. I played it three times in a row and at least once a day since: what a tal­ent, what a record! Be­ing an old fart, I love the Stones, Neil Young, Dy­lan, Co­hen, etc – and thanks for all the great ar­ti­cles on th­ese guys – but I also love get­ting an in­sight into lots of great new mu­sic through Un­cut. A big thankyou to you guys, and of course to all the fan­tas­tic artists old and new. Alex Bossinga, Wick­ham, Aus­tralia …It’s a very good ar­ti­cle on Kevin Morby [Un­cut, July] that makes me want to check out his work. At the end there is a side box, “Telling Sto­ries”, about Morby as a prose writer where he is quoted as lik­ing “James Bald­win and Flan­nery O’Connor”, re­fer­ring to their work as “kind of moral”. In the fol­low­ing sen­tence he also says, “I like Ray­mond Carver a lot.” There is a photo of Carver (on first turn­ing the page I thought it was Hoyt Ax­ton!) and the cap­tion writer has as­cribed the fol­low­ing: “Mo­ral­ist: Ray­mond Carver”. I don’t think that is what Morby was say­ing, and I don’t think it can be ap­plied to Carver! Rather the op­po­site, in fact. Mike Fer­gu­son, Ot­tery St Mary, Devon

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