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Bio­pro­dukt PLANET MU 8/10 Home-brewed DIY elec­tron­ics, straight outta Bris­tol Nick Ed­wards, aka Ekoplekz, is one of elec­tronic mu­sic’s can­ni­est pro­duc­ers, some­one ca­pa­ble of join­ing the dots be­tween ’80s post-punk/ in­dus­trial thought, ’90s bleep’n’bass min­i­mal­ism and the tex­tu­ral swoon of ’00s elec­tron­ica. Bio­pro­dukt pulls all this to­gether with a gen­tle sweep of the artist’s brush. It’s gor­geously de­tailed stuff, though often most com­pelling when those de­tails end up fogged-out and hazy. See, for ex­am­ple, the hiss­ing rhythms of the open­ing “Acrid Acid”, or the blurred cru­sade of the nine­minute “Over”, where a gently com­pelling loop slowly en­cir­cles your ears, while clus­ters of shiv­er­ing tones vi­brate across the song’s sur­face.

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