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GARE DU NORD/MAKE IT NEW Up­wards Of Sum­mer 7/10 Pen­sive english trou­ba­dour looks back again, just not as far On his second ful­l­length, Long jumps a decade from the Nick Drake-in­spired ’70s or­ches­tral folk of 2015’s Hover­ance to ’80s col­lege rock, his earnest, qua­v­ery tenor nav­i­gat­ing the jan­gly set­tings like Lloyd Cole through Rat­tlesnakes. Long’s present fix­a­tion an­i­mates the anx­i­ety-laden “Take Your Mind Back” and “Take It”, each of which finds him in a jet­liner’s win­dow seat, as well as the am­bling pas­torales “Up­wards Of Sum­mer” and “Big Au­gust”, wherein his re­gally plucked man­dolin and Jack Hayter’s sigh­ing pedal steel con­join the moods of REM’s “Los­ing My Religion” and Beck’s Sea Change. The con­stant push/pull be­tween en­ergy and en­nui gives the al­bum its wist­ful, woozy charm.

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