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Life­time Of Love SONIC CATHE­DRAL 5/10 Deer­hunter drum­mer’s so­porific elec­tronic rever­ies As At­las Sound and Lo­tus Plaza re­spec­tively, Deer­hunter mem­bers Brad­ford Cox and Lock­ett Pundt have both es­tab­lished solo guises that feed prof­itably back into the main ves­sel. It’s hard to say the same for drum­mer Moses Archuleta, whose hazy, lo-fi house jams as Moon Diagrams shoot for ‘dreamy’ but are mostly just so­porific. When he oc­ca­sion­ally stirs from his tor­por to write an ac­tual song, the re­sults are much more ful­fill­ing: “End Of Heartache” is a wist­ful Balearic stom­per with a strong Arthur Rus­sell bent, while “Moon Diagrams”’ cheeky half-speed steal from Madonna’s “Hol­i­day” in­jects a sense of fun sadly lack­ing else­where.

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