Rips FAUX DISCX 7/10 Brusque in­die racket, in clas­sic New York style, pro­duced by Par­quet Courts’ Austin Brown As you may have guessed from the name, Rips are not fans of elab­o­ra­tion or elu­ci­da­tion. This is wiry, la­conic New York art-rock in very much the same vein as all those other wiry, la­conic New York art-rock bands, from Tele­vi­sion to The Strokes. Rips don’t write cho­ruses so much as catchy put-downs (“Go get a hobby/Go get a ca­reer,” they snark on “Breaks”) and so it’s left to the group’s ten­ta­tively du­elling gui­tars to pro­vide the songs’ emo­tional tug. Rips are too smart to be­lieve they’re ped­dling any­thing new, but they know their lim­i­ta­tions and they know what works. Take it or leave it.

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