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As light re­turn TApeTe 6/10 ninth al­bum from stephen lawrie’s long-run­ning space rock­ers Just as some chefs might spe­cialise in ways of art­fully burn­ing, char­ring and “well-fir­ing” their ingredients, a gui­tarist like Stephen Lawrie is a Miche­lin-starred vir­tu­oso in de­ploy­ing very spe­cific va­ri­eties of sonic dis­fig­ure­ment. The open­ing track is buried in a pal­pa­bly thick layer of multi-tim­bral sludge rock; “Down On Me” fea­tures a quiv­er­ing drone of growls and whis­tles over a Ti­nari­wen­style desert blues riff; while the fi­nal track is a bowel-quak­ing, nau­se­at­ing loop of bass-heavy noise. Through­out, Lawrie’s voice is buried so deep in the mix as to be vir­tu­ally in­audi­ble, like a Mary Chain 7” slowed down to 33rpm.

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