UNCUT - - New Albums - Mark e Smith and co get heavy (and weird) on their 32nd stu­dio al­bum Tom PIn­noCK

Mu­si­cians usu­ally mel­low by the time they reach 60; but, of course, Mark E Smith has al­ways de­nied be­ing one of those. Here, on his 32nd stu­dio al­bum with The Fall, he’s louder and stranger than ever, growl­ing his way through 11 songs that mix stomp­ing glam rack­ets with lum­ber­ing, Rage Against The Ma­chine grooves. Lighter mo­ments, such as “Gib­bus Gib­son”, show Smith can still ‘sing’ à la vin­tage Fall, but the most strik­ing cut is “Cou­ples Vs Job­less Mid-30s”, a multi-part suite of mad­ness. “Says we need more sack­ings!” Smith seems to sneer. Some things never change.

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