Orc 8/10

UNCUT - - New Albums We’re New Here - Dwyer’s skronk over­lords mix mo­ments of foot-tap­ping calm with facemelt­ing magic PETER WATTS

Oh Sees (the Thee has been re­tired) are now so good at what they do best – warped psy­chy funk groovers and fuzzbox-bust­ing goblin thumpers – that the in­ter­est with each new al­bum is how John Dwyer will add to their prodi­gious ar­moury. Last year’s fan­tas­tic A Weird Ex­its fea­tured a cou­ple of un­ex­pect­edly proggy bal­lads, while Orc has the drift­ing in­stru­men­tal calm of “Keys To The Cas­tle”, the dancey rip­ple of “Para­noise” and the drawn-out jazzy shuf­fle of “Raw Op­tics”. For shred­heads, there’s ur­gent opener “The Static God”, while the su­perb “An­i­mated Vi­o­lence” al­ter­nates be­tween the al­bum’s twin moods of sus­tained guitar men­ace and re­flec­tive per­cus­sive am­bi­ence.

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