Deran 7/10


No­madic desert blues­man goes home

Af­ter mak­ing his last two al­bums in Amer­ica with Dan Auer­bach and David Longstreth, the niger-born Tuareg gui­tarist Omara “Bombino” Moc­tar recorded Deran in Morocco. The ge­o­graph­i­cal re­lo­ca­tion is re­flected in the mu­sic, too, for this feels like a ‘back to the roots’ record, the earth­ier feel re­call­ing the min­i­mal­ist pro­duc­tion of 2011’s Agadez, rather than the daz­zling gui­tar py­rotech­nics of his US-recorded al­bums. “Te­nesse”, “Takamba” and “Ta­masheq” all rock to a lop­ing, camel-gaited groove in the now clas­si­cal Ti­nari­wen style. “Medi­wan” and “Adouagh Che­gren” are pre­dom­i­nantly acous­tic tunes built around sim­ple gui­tars, hand­claps and call-an­dresponse vo­cals, and “Ima­jhine” and “Te­hi­gren” boast an ir­re­sistible desert-reg­gae vibe.

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