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Bird Dog Dante THRILL JOCKEY 7/10 Pro­ducer’s flight of fancy: PJ and Al­dous guest

It’s easy to mis­read John Parish’s al­bums as gilt by as­so­ci­a­tion: as pro­ducer and mu­si­cian, he’s part of PJ Harvey’s uni­verse, and he’s pro­duced Al­dous Hard­ing, Jenny Hval and Sparkle­horse. And while both Harvey and Hard­ing guest on Bird Dog Dante, they’re by no means defin­ing pres­ences. Parish’s songs, al­ter­nately folksy, swampy and lone­some, are some­times fleet­ing, cap­tur­ing mo­ments in the ether and pre­serv­ing them in am­ber, a use­ful ap­proach when one of your main gigs is sound­track­ing. But there’s a clas­si­cist pop-rock stur­di­ness to the songcraft, too, on songs like “Rachel”, re­call­ing artists like Epic Sound­tracks.

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