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gota Fria STOOPNIk 7/10 Be­lated sec­ond al­bum from on­ce­fan­cied Bris­tol-born con­tender

A decade ago, Row­ley’s de­but al­bum, Lit­tle Dreamer, made the Top 10 and sold 100,000 copies, then… si­lence. Turns out she hated life in the main­stream and went off to do some­thing more use­ful, in­clud­ing work­ing in the Mid­dle East on a hu­man rights project. now she’s back with an eclec­tic al­bum that ban­ishes the pol­ished retro-pop of yore for some­thing more raw and earthy. “Brave Face” sounds like mid-’70s Fleet­wood Mac, “Howl At The Moon” boasts a monster Zep-cloned heft and “For­est Fire” has a haunt­ing Calex­ico vibe, while her voice and aes­thetic re­call Heather nova. A wel­come re­turn.

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