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UNCUT - - New Albums - amer­i­can post-met­allists fail to lo­cate mid­way point be­tween Mor­bid an­gel and Mor­ris­sey Ja­SON aN­dER­SON

While Pall­bearer and Mastodon con­tinue to com­bine doom­metal fun­da­men­tals with el­e­ments of other forms with­out de­priv­ing their songs of the nec­es­sary girth and fury, Deafheaven’s ef­forts have been more frus­trat­ing since 2013’s mighty Sun­bather. In place of that al­bum’s shoegazer and Smiths-y sub­cur­rents come more overtly pretty pas­sages like the opener “You With­out End” (fea­tur­ing a guest spot by Chelsea Wolfe) and the Slow­dive sim­u­la­tion on “Night Peo­ple”. Though “Ca­nary Yel­low” and the ex­hil­a­rat­ing “Glint” prove it’s pos­si­ble for Deafheaven to lend a more melodic sen­si­bil­ity to Ge­orge Clarke’s gut­tural growl and Kerry McCoy’s gui­tar mael­strom, too of­ten the cross­over strat­egy mires th­ese songs in the most ba­nal clichés of dream pop and arena grunge.

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