why did you want to make this al­bum at sam Phillips Record­ing ser­vice?

We recorded our last three al­bums at Ar­dent, another leg­endary Memphis stu­dio. I loved those records, but it was time for a change. Plenty of great records have been made at Phillips, but mainly it was the room it­self that made us want to record there. The way he had the build­ing de­signed and built makes it a unique place with unique sounds.

Did the place change the songs at all?

We ap­proached this record dif­fer­ently from the get-go. No pre­pro­duc­tion. We just set up and I started play­ing gui­tar lines I’d writ­ten. We went with what­ever seemed to work. Then I’d go home at night and put the pieces to­gether and write lyrics. A lot of this LP was recorded live on the floor.

sev­eral of the songs on the record seem to be set in the past.

My song­writ­ing in the past has been mainly au­to­bi­o­graph­i­cal. On this record I fo­cused more on a sto­ry­telling ap­proach and wanted to work on the craft of song­writ­ing. I wanted to write about lives other than mine. I’ve done it a cou­ple of times in the past, but it’s still new to me. I think with this record I’m start­ing to get the hang of it.

Ben Ni­chols “A lot of this LP was recorded live on the floor”

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