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Pos­si­ble Dust Clouds FIRE 7/10 hersh goes elec­tric again

Kristin Hersh’s discog­ra­phy, be­tween her solo work, Throw­ing Muses and other projects, is now of such a size that it is pos­si­ble to grow com­pla­cent about its qual­ity as well as its quan­tity. This should be re­sisted: Pos­si­ble Dust Clouds is, like all her oth­ers, the work of an artist both sin­gu­lar and shape-shift­ing, al­ways her­self, but never pre­dictable. No­tably louder than Hersh’s other solo records, if it evokes any­thing else in her canon it’s Throw­ing Muses’ fu­ri­ous, fab­u­lous 1992 al­bum Red Heaven, with “Loud Mouth” and “LAX” be­ing es­pe­cially el­e­men­tal erup­tions.

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