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Feed – it’s time to give a spring feed to en­cour­age fresh growth. This will make your grass stronger, edge out the com­pe­ti­tion from weeds and moss and make your lawn less sus­cep­ti­ble to dis­ease.

Spring feeds are high in ni­tro­gen and give your lawn an emer­ald glow. Ap­ply feeds when the ground is moist or be­fore rain is due.


If moss is a prob­lem you can ap­ply ■ It’s a good idea to get any sup­port­ing stakes or hoops in the ground now to al­low fo­liage to grow up and blend them into the gar­den.

■ If the ground feels warm sul­phate of iron. Don’t worry about the ef­fect this has on the grass – it will re­cover.

There is also a good chemical-free al­ter­na­tive on the mar­ket which I pro­mote called MossOff which is safe for use around chil­dren, pets and pond life.


Seed – spring is the best time to re­seed your lawn. This could just be patches that need im­prove­ment or a com­plete ren­o­va­tion job. Cover with net­ting while grass ger­mi­nates to keep the birds from tuck­ing in.

enough, you could sow di­rectly an­nual seeds such as nigella and lark­spur.

■ ■ Prune hy­drangeas re­mov­ing old flower heads and cut­ting back to a healthy pair of buds.

■ Plant up hang­ing bas­kets with sum­mer bed­ding but don’t put them out­side yet.

Pro­tect emerg­ing del­phini­ums and hostas from slugs and snails. If you use slug pel­lets, right, con­sider fer­ric phos­phate or­ganic pel­lets that won’t harm other wildlife.

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