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■ It’s a bat­tle at the mo­ment to keep ev­ery­thing hy­drated. Keep a basin in your kitchen sink and use the dish­wa­ter for your pots and con­tain­ers.

■ It’s a good time to take soft­wood and semi-ripe cut­tings – this is a great way to grow expensive plants such as Buxus.

■ Take cut­tings from ten­der­plants to over-winter in­doors. ■ Pinch out tomato shoots. Feed toma­toes, pep­pers and cu­cum­ber with high-po­tash fer­tiliser once fruits start to form.

■ Check for cab­bage white but­ter­fly eggs un­der cab­bage leaves and re­move.

■ Sow spring cab­bage, turnips, fen­nel and au­tumn/ winter sal­ads.

■ Cherry, plum and peach trees can be pruned if ■ Stop climb­ing beans when they reach the tops of their stakes so they di­vert en­ergy to crop­ping on sideshoots.

■ Missed the potato plant­ing sea­son? You can get cold-stored tu­bers which can be planted now and will ma­ture for Christ­mas.

needs be now – this is a job you can’t do in winter as there is a risk of sil­ver leaf disease. It’s a good time to take cut­tings

Oenothera Bi­en­nis – even­ing prim­rose

Dig­i­talis – fox­glove

Echium Pin­i­nana – Gi­ant Viper’s Bu­gloss

Cab­bage white but­ter­fly eggs

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