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AM37S POWERBOAT With over 1000bhp on tap, the AM37S is our sort of boat. We put it to the test

DB2/4 VIGNALE Built for a king, then lost in Amer­ica, a very spe­cial Aston re­turns

ASTON’S GREAT­EST DRIV­ERS’ CARS Six of the best-driv­ing As­tons of the post-war era, but which is best of all?

MATT BECKER We meet the man who’s shap­ing the dy­nam­ics of a new Aston gen­er­a­tion

ICONS: DBS & SPITFIRE Aston DBS and Su­per­ma­rine Spitfire: two great Bri­tish ma­chines to­gether

CARBS v IN­JEC­TION We sam­ple in­no­va­tive new throt­tle­bod­ies that look just like clas­sic We­bers DRIVE: V8 VAN­TAGE PRO­TO­TYPE In 1977, Aston’s engi­neers cre­ated the mighty Van­tage. We drive the pro­to­type

LOOK­ING BACK: NICK MEE There was rarely a dull mo­ment sell­ing As­tons in the 1970s, as Mee re­calls

BUY­ING GUIDE: V550 & V600 VAN­TAGE These su­per­charged mon­sters have sud­denly taken off. Here’s the low­down

VULCAN TRACK TEST We fi­nally get be­hind the wheel of the sen­sa­tional Vulcan. It doesn’t dis­ap­point

THE SPE­CIAL­IST: POST VIN­TAGE The in­side story on one of the UK’S long­est-es­tab­lished Aston spe­cial­ists

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