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VANTAGE - - The Specialist Post Vintage - Lagonda sa­loon

SPEC­I­FI­CA­TION En­gine 5340cc, V8 Power 280bhp @ 5500rpm Torque 301lb ft @ 3500rpm 0-60mph 6.2sec Top speed 149mph

Based on the AM V8 but with a stretched wheel­base, the 1974 Lagonda sa­loon was the first car since the 1961 Rapide to wear the Lagonda badge, and it was not a suc­cess. Most of the blame can be at­tached to the 1974 oil cri­sis, which se­ri­ously limited the ap­peal of any V8-pow­ered su­per­sa­loon, let alone one that would rarely see mpg in dou­ble fig­ures. In fact the Lagonda was an im­pres­sive and ca­pa­ble ma­chine, but dur­ing the two years of pro­duc­tion just seven were sold (though another was later assem­bled from parts).

5340cc, V8 349bhp @ 6000rpm 369lb ft @ 3700rpm 5.9sec 155mph+

SPEC­I­FI­CA­TION En­gine 5935cc, V12 Power 510bhp @ 6500rpm Torque 420lb ft @ 5750rpm 0-60mph 4.2sec Top speed 191mph

Res­ur­rect­ing a name last seen in the late ’60s, the Db9-de­rived DBS re­placed the early-noughties Van­quish as the flag­ship pro­duc­tion car in 2007 and gained huge ca­chet when it was adopted as 007’s com­pany car when Daniel Craig as­sumed the tuxedo for Casino Royale. With power ramped up to 510bhp, ag­gres­sive styling, harder-edged dy­nam­ics and a man­ual gear­box, the DBS was Mr Hyde to the DB9’S Dr Jekyll. A Volante ap­peared in 2009. At the end of 2012, the DBS was re­placed by the new Van­quish.

SPEC­I­FI­CA­TION (2015MY) En­gine 5935cc, V12 Power 568bhp @ 6650rpm Torque 465lb ft @ 5500rpm 0-60mph 3.6sec Top speed 201mph

The orig­i­nal Van­quish was a true land­mark car, and it was a brave move to res­ur­rect the name for the cur­rent se­ries-pro­duc­tion flag­ship. If the new car isn’t quite the same game-changer, the com­bi­na­tion of ag­gres­sively shaped car­bon­fi­bre body­work, 568bhp from a re­worked V12, adap­tive damp­ing and car­bon-ce­ramic brakes is still an in­tox­i­cat­ing one. A Volante ar­rived in late 2013, and in late 2014 both ver­sions got a re­fresh that in­cluded an eight-speed gear­box. New Van­quish S with 592bhp launched in late 2016.

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