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The Cygnet con­tin­ues to pro­voke ire, and a cun­ning plan for the DB11

Lame duck

‘That the Cygnet is al­lowed to oc­cupy the an­nals of As­ton Martin his­tory is surely now wellestab­lished,’ de­clared John Simis­ter as he opened his ar­ti­cle about the su­per­charged Toy­ota iq with the As­ton badge and grille (‘Earn­ing its Wings’, is­sue 20).

Well-es­tab­lished? Not even close! Has there ever been a more hor­rif­i­cally per­fect ex­am­ple of the evils of badge en­gi­neer­ing? It’s a good city car, but that’s ut­terly ir­rel­e­vant. It takes much more than the As­ton Martin badge, grille and lots of makeup to make an As­ton Martin – if that’s all it takes, surely the whole point (and plot) would be lost. The vast ma­jor­ity of peo­ple I know in the As­ton world were, are and al­ways will be ap­palled by the Cygnet.

The com­pany (cour­tesy of Dr Bez) did it, so it will, sadly, have a spot in the back of Van­tage, but hope­fully the com­pany will learn from this mis­take and never do some­thing like it again. Of course, now they’re us­ing some­one else’s bought-in off-the-shelf V8 en­gine, so maybe they haven’t learned enough... Todd War­ren, Long Is­land, New York

Four into 11

Might I sug­gest that As­ton Martin could broaden the cus­tomer base for the DB11 if it in­tro­duced a four-seater ver­sion. The com­pany did some­thing sim­i­lar with the DB9 when it in­tro­duced the Rapide, but in my view a four-seater DB11 should re­main a two-door car. Those As­ton Martin en­thu­si­asts who need a four-door car can wait un­til the SUV ar­rives!

I be­lieve that a longer­wheel­base four-seater DB11 would be a pop­u­lar ad­di­tion to the DB11 range. And to those who say that the DB11 al­ready has two seats in the back, I would say try trav­el­ling in one over long dis­tances!

One ob­vi­ous con­tem­po­rary ri­val that has a two-door, four-seat lay­out is the Maserati Gran­tur­ismo, a su­perb car but not Bri­tish, a ma­jor fac­tor with most As­ton own­ers.

I firmly be­lieve that this rel­a­tively straight­for­ward mea­sure would greatly in­crease DB11 sales whilst sat­is­fy­ing the ‘four doors are two too many’ brigade. Tony Sewell

Flawed list­ings

Your ‘All the Road Cars’ list­ings are very use­ful but I have a mild crit­i­cism. I do not think the DB4 and the DB4 GT should be lumped to­gether in one cat­e­gory. They are quite dif­fer­ent cars.

Sim­i­larly, you put the DBS 6 and DBS V8 in the same cat­e­gory. Again they are quite dif­fer­ent. The DBS V8 was the fastest pro­duc­tion car to be made at New­port Pag­nell with about the same power as the much-vaunted V8 Van­tage but su­pe­rior torque. En­thu­si­asts had guessed this for years but spe­cial­ists have proved it many times on their dynos. I would have thought this worth a men­tion in your ex­cel­lent jour­nal. Jonathan Hill We’re lim­ited on space, but we’ll hap­pily take an­other look – Ed

The wrong Bertelli

As an As­ton Martin fan for nearly 50 years and an owner for over 30 of those, I would like to say how much I en­joy your mag­a­zine, apart from one mi­nor ir­ri­ta­tion.

The pic­ture that you have used since is­sue 1 to il­lus­trate the Sec­ond Se­ries of Bertelli cars in your ‘All the Road Cars’ sec­tion is, in fact, of a First Se­ries car.

I owned the car shown, regis­tra­tion VN 3485, chas­sis L1/125, for six years. It is an In­ter­na­tional Le Mans (low­ered ra­di­a­tor and flared scut­tle), one of eight pro­duced and one of only two with 2/4 coach­work.

I would be grate­ful if you could cor­rect this er­ror, and re­move a small ir­ri­ta­tion from my life. Alaric Coombs

Con­sider it done, Mr Coombs – Ed

Pic­ture per­fect

Just wanted to say how much I en­joyed the Au­tumn 2017 is­sue, es­pe­cially the cov­er­age of one of my very favourite As­ton Martins, the mk1 Van­quish. The fact that Richard Meaden was driv­ing chas­sis num­ber 00001 made it very spe­cial, and the set­ting of the Scot­tish High­lands was gor­geous, es­pe­cially the shot with Loch Leven in the back­ground. I was in the area a few weeks ago with my fam­ily and the weather was… let’s say not quite so in­spir­ing! I’m afraid the Van­quish is well be­yond the lim­its of my fi­nances, but thank you for an im­age to trea­sure for­ever. Con­nor Bryson, Falkirk

Re­moved from our list­ings forth­with – Alaric Coombs’ old First Se­ries (see ‘The wrong Bertelli’)

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