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re­cently in the King Al­fred pub in Bur­row­bridge, Som­er­set when some tourists asked the land­lord to di­rect them to the place where Al­fred burnt the cakes while on the run from the Vik­ings. It’s not the fact the King was such a cow­ardly bas­tard for run­ning away that an­noys me, rather it’s this coun­try’s ob­ses­sion with roy­alty and celebrity. He burns the cakes once and be­comes a fuck­ing leg­end, whereas Russ our lo­cal baker has done it ev­ery day for at least 38 years and no­body’s ever heard of him. It makes you wish the Vik­ings had caught the twat. Wurzel Trac­tor, Som­er­set

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