Wel­come to our Na­tion’s Favourite Fam­ily, Ma’am!


WHEN I heard the news of Prince Harry’s en­gage­ment to Amer­i­can star­let Meghan Markle, I am not afraid to say that I wept. I wept and I wept. I wept and I wept and I wept.

And then I wept some more.

But I wasn’t wep­ping out of sad­ness. In fact, I was wep­ping for the op­po­site of sad­ness. For those tears that poured down my cheeks like a salty Ni­a­gara when I heard the news of Prince Harry’s en­gage­ment to Amer­i­can star­let Meghan Markle were tears of joy.

Joy that our na­tion’s Prince Charm­ing had fi­nally found the fairy­tale princess of his dreams.

Joy that the fifth in line to our coun­try’s guilded throne had cho­sen such a noble and el­e­gant con­sort.

And joy that I could cut and paste large chunks of this col­umn from the 500 words I churned out when his brother got hitched to his piece.

And so it is with hap­pi­ness in my heart and the great­est pride and the ut­most hu­mil­ity that I speak on be­half of the 65 mil­lion peo­ple of this proud land when I say: Wel­come to our na­tion’s favourite fam­ily. This is­land opens its heart to you, ma’am, and gladly em­braces you in its bo­soms.

Of course, the naysay­ers, moan­ing minis and mon­gers of doom have come out of the wood­work to draw par­al­lels be­tween the di­vorced Suits ac­tress and an­other glam­orous Amer­i­can who once came to our shores in­tent on bag­ging her­self a Prince of the Royal House of Wind­sor.

But Meghan Markle and Wal­lis Simp­son could not be more dif­fer­ent. In­deed, Meghan Markle and Wal­lis Simp­son are as dif­fer­ent as chalk and cheese. As dif­fer­ent as night and day. As dif­fer­ent as salt and pep­per.

They are as dif­fer­ent as two peas in dif­fer­ent pods.

Markle is young and beau­ti­ful. Markle is all woman from the tip of her head to the bot­tom of her toes.

Mrs Simp­son was old and hatchet-faced. Ac­cord­ing to some sources, she even had a cock. Back in the 1930s, Simp­son got her claws into the Duke of Wind­sor and did her level best to rent the monar­chy in twain. Her scan­dalous re­la­tion­ship with the hair to the English throne brought the coun­try to the very brink of civil war.

In con­trast, Meghan Markle is set to heal the rifts that have be­set the royal fam­ily for so long. Where there is dis­cord, she will sew har­mony. Where there is de­spon­dency, she will sew hope. And where there is sad­ness, she will sew there thats 500 wds pdf inv attched w a/c no. pay by re­turn

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