We team up with ex-con to as­sem­ble A-List rob­bery squad

VIZ - - Starry, Starry Heist! -

FROM the Great Train Rob­bery to the Hat­ton Gar­den Job, there’s noth­ing us Brits love more than a good old-fash­ioned heist. Gangs of hard­ened mas­ter crim­i­nals hatch­ing plots to vi­o­lently pur­loin large sums of money gives us all a vi­car­i­ous thrill, and is as much a part of the UK’s cul­tural heritage as Stone­henge, Test Match Spe­cial or Brexit. And it’s not the just the Av­er­age Joe in the street who gets a kick from grand lar­ceny - our favourite A-List celebs love bank robberies too. Prob­a­bly. At least, there’s no hard ev­i­dence to sug­gest they don’t. And that’s why, for a bit of fun, we’ve teamed up with re­formed exblag­ger TERRY GUSSETT to cherry-pick a tasty squad of celebrity cons to carry out a hy­po­thet­i­cal heist.

Bed­ford-born Terry, 56, re­cently served 18 months for his botched at­tempt to steal a pack of four sausage rolls and a steak bake from the Farn­ham High Street branch of Greggs, so he knows all there is to know about mas­ter­mind­ing a top-level tickle. “I’ve paid my dues to so­ci­ety, and I’ve put my blag­ging life be­hind me,” says the an­kle-tag­wear­ing fa­therof-six. “I’m back on the straight and nar­row. But if I did go back for one last, big job, these are the A-List stars I’d want on my team.”

Hard choice: Gussett’s crooked dream team has an all-star line-up

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