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A VI­TAL cog in the bank heist ma­chine, the Get­away Driver is re­spon­si­ble for fer­ry­ing the whole team to and from the job as quickly as pos­si­ble - and los­ing the cop­pers in the process. For this tyre-screech­ing, death-de­fy­ing duty, only one A-Lis­ter sprang to Terry’s mind: tit­fer-topped Space Cow­boy JAY KAY.

“The hat-wear­ing

Vir­tual In­san­ity fave has ap­peared on Top

Gear more than any other celeb, so he’s clearly com­fort­able be­hind the wheel of a fast mo­tor. Plus, his acid jazz chops would be put to good use en route to the heist, as the pint­sized pop­ster could calm the group’s col­lec­tive nerves by belt­ing out one of his many cod-funk hits, such as

or Dur­ing a blag, the Get­away Driver usu­ally sits out­side the bank revving the en­gine. How­ever, Jay Kay has oc­ca­sion­ally been known to get a bit naughty and punch the odd pa­parazzo in his time. This fond­ness for fisticuffs could come in handy if he spots any filth snoop­ing about while his ac­com­plices com­plete the job.

Most im­por­tantly, though, once the heist is fin­ished, the bulk of the loot could be stashed safely un­der the Cloud

9 star’s fa­mously large hat - the last place the rozzers would think to look if the crew gets pulled over.”

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